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Fortnite Tips for Beginners : The Most Advanced Tips and Tricks in 2018 !

Although there is still a lot to be able to get closer to its final version, 'Fortnite' is already among us and the first impressions that the Epic game has left us invite us to think that we are going to spend many hours with him. If you think that may be your case, this guide for beginners can help you a lot during the first hours. Here, I will share some fortnite tips for beginners and some fortnite advanced tips and tricks of 2018.

In it we collect the best tips to collect resources, get the best character, find treasures and survivors, learn how classes work and evolutions and, of course, make your backpack is filled with valuable loot in the form of weapons and plans.These types of game also developed by Nintendo whose famous game is

Fortnite Tips for Beginners : The most advanced tips and tricks in 2018 !

Fortnite Tips for Beginners : The Most Advanced Tips and Tricks in 2018 ! rc creature tips and tricks of fortnite game in 2018
Fortnite Tips for Beginners : The Most Advanced Tips and Tricks in 2018 !

Some Previous Advice :

·         First let's see some tips for those who just start playing, since the game is not focused too much on giving us previous advice and to avoid many of them can make the game in the long run gets a bit uphill.

·         Very attentive to the tutorial. You will learn the basics and letting things happen can give you problems later on. Take it easy.

·         Take advantage of everything you can unlock at the beginning. You may not know very well what it is for during the first hours, but you will appreciate having the most unlocked while you are gaining the first points and completing missions.

·         The first missions are key to see how you like to play before specializing in a particular class.

·         Take advantage of the little difficulty of the first missions to experiment and explore.

·         Head to the loot. Getting resources is the key to the game, so collect as much as you can and you'll worry after what it's for.

·         Take your time on each mission. It may be that the objectives for time get your attention, but you will gain much more by exploring the map and looking for resources and chests.

Getting Resources :

Collecting everything you find is the easy part, but getting the most out of the collection of resources is not something that you learn the second. Here are some tips to find what you are looking for and not have your backpack full of trash.

·         You will never have wood, metal or stone left over because they will be crucial to create structures, so do not miss the chance to break a huge tree or rock if it is close to you.

·         Everything you break will give you resources, so dedicating yourself to destroying a whole house if you have nothing better to do, is not necessarily a waste of time.

·         Be careful to break objects that contain something inside. First collect what there is and then break it, otherwise you will lose that hidden loot.

·         Learn to master the weak points of objects, if you attack there you will do more damage and get resources will be easier and faster.

·         If there are two objects nearby, place yourself in a position where you can attack the weak points of both easily and you will accelerate the process.

·         Stroll through the caves and look everywhere. In them are very valuable resources, but they can be hidden in the ceiling, the walls or the floor, so you will probably have to create small structures that will bring you closer to them.

Find Treasures :

Without doubt the best way to find high-level schemes and resources, but require some attention and exploration, so it is recommended that in each mission you try to find treasures to move forward more easily.

·         You can find them in the form of pirate chests or big and small safes. Very attentive to these treasures because they contain very valuable loot.

·         Fine-tune your ear, as each time you pass close to one you will hear a kind of angelic sound, as if a miracle were hiding nearby. If you hear it, there is something nearby, start looking.

·         Keep in mind that many of these treasures may be behind fake walls, so if you do not find anything on a first walk around the area, start destroying things.

·         Normally they hide in the highest or lowest part of a building or cave, so you have to dig in the basements or create structures to climb to a roof and start chopping to make your way to them.

Find Survivors :

Although initially only limited to give you gifts, later the survivors will become a valuable currency that you can become heroes or allies, so better to get used to the beginning to find them.

·         When passing next to one of them, it will be marked on the map. Take a look at it from time to time in case you missed one.

Fortnite Tips for Beginners : The Most Advanced Tips and Tricks in 2018 !
Fortnite Tips for Beginners
        Like treasures, you can also listen to them if you are close, in this case in the form of cries for help.

·         If you think it's close and you do not see it, look for areas with food and resources, they usually hide there.

·         If in spite of this you still can not find it, start breaking walls and floors, you may be trapped in a room without doors.

·         Use the radars. You will find radars that will help you find survivors, but first you must build the building that supports them. It's worth wasting time on it because, in addition, it will give you construction ideas.

Manage Inventory :

Your inventory is not infinite and, although we will not tell you to stop collecting resources, you should manage well for what and how you use them. These tips can help you.

·         Do not accumulate things like a madman. It often happens with things like weapons and traps. The first recĂ­clalas if you are not going to use them and, in the case of the second ones, take them to your main base.

·         If you have more resources and you can take advantage of the plans to build weapons or traps, do it and go back to the previous step.

·         If you have a plane, get rid of the weapons or traps that you can create with it. You will use it when you need it.

·         Before a weapon is broken, recycle it to get objects.

·         Use the object's chest of your base to save those resources that you can not use at the moment or that pistol that you can not take advantage of yet.

·         Attentive to the talents of the research tree, some will allow you to expand the capacity of your backpack or the chest of your base.

To conclude, I shared some of fortnite tips and  tricks for beginners. If you have any doubts , share that in the comment box . Thank You !

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Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies in India in 2018

Hi friends, if you are planning to buy a car in this year 2018, then it is important to know more about car insurance. And for car insurance, you must have to know about the leading companies in India. As our Indian Motor Act, it is mandatory for every car owner to do a car insurance. So, in this article, I will share the top 5 best car insurance leading companies in India

There are several car insurance providers offer basic car insurance plans in India. But it is important to select a car insurance that not only covers the damages made to your car or the damages caused by you to another third party, but also to select a car insurance plan which should cover the damage or loss to your vehicle that may be natural or man-made. So while you looking for best car insurance plans in India, I have found the top 5 best car insurance companies in 2018. Before knowing the list, let us know a little bit about car insurance ... 

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is also known as motor insurance that protects your vehicle unpredicted risks. Basically, it provides protection against the damages incurred as a result of unavoidable instances. It covers theft, financial losses caused by accidents & many subsequent liabilities. Car insurance gives you the confidence to drive peacefully. So, we should choose a car insurance or motor insurance for our vehicles. 

Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies in India (2018) :

Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies in India in 2018 rc creature tricks,
Top 5 Best Car Insurance Companies in India in 2018


#1. ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd :

This offers you the best plan that covers loss or damage to your car against natural disasters or man-made disasters, personal accident cover and third party legal liability. With more than 3500 network garages across the country is present. So, in 2018, it is the best car insurance company in India.

#2. HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Ltd :

This company offers you all insurances like motor insurance, health insurance, life insurance, travel insurance etc. There are more than 3,400 garages present in our India. It has a good advantage i.e. it has 24 hours approval time, online purchase option, customer service for any queries on motor insurance & other settlement processes. So, I think it is the best car insurance company where you can choose your insurance plans.

#3. United India Insurance Company Ltd :

This company is a nationalized government-owned insurance company. They offer several car insurance plans & also offer private car insurance, two-wheelers commercial vehicles insurance. They offer an automobile association membership discount & discount for anti-theft devices too.

#4. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd. :

The combination of Tata Group & American Internal Group (AIG) born Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited. It is also the best insurance company as they offer you health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance. And the car-insurance of this joint company is known for enhanced protection through their well-designed add or covers cashless claims or direct settlement at garages, no claim bounce & roadside assistance. So, I think you should go for it.

#5.Oriental Insurance Company Ltd :

In the 1st Independent year 1947, the Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. was born. They offer you many car insurances that cover accidental damages, third party liabilities. And it also covers loss of personal effects nil depreciation cover, alternative car benefits & free emergency benefit services. If you want to know more about this, then go to their website.

Conclusion :

Friends, I shared a short & brief review of best car insurance companies in this article. Hope you got help and will enjoy this article more. If you really enjoyed this, please share some of your thought in the comment box that will motivate to write more articles relevant to you. Thank You !!

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What is the top 5 best Important features of Android 9 (Pie) ? Google Android P Launched !

Google has launched Android 9 operating system after the Android Oreo 8.0. Let's remind you that Google's CEO Sundar Pichai had named this operating system as Android P in Google I / O 2018. Now this operating system has been renamed to Android 9 Pie. This operating system has many Artificial Intelligence features. This new operating system will roll out from August 8 or 9.

What is the top 5 best Important features of Android 9 (Pie) ? Google Android P Launched !
Android P important features 

Android 9 or Pie is currently available for a few select devices. This operating system will be rolled out first to some select device.
So, before knowing its top features , let's know which device will get this update early after rolling out . 

Here are the Selected Devices : 

Google Pixel Device: If you have a Google pixel device, then you will get the update of this operating system first. This operating system has rolled out to Google's device. 

OnePlus: Android 9 or Pie will also be rolled out for OnePlus5, OnePlus 5T and OnePlus 6. By the end of this year, it will be rolled out for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T. However, an update for OnePlus 6 will be released in the next few weeks.

Nokia: Nokia's device Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 8 are part of the Android One program, this update will be released by November 30.

Samsung: Samsung's premium smartphones will also roll out this operating system by the end of the year.

Other smartphones: If you have Xiaomi's Android One device Mi A1 and Mi A2, then you will get an update of this operating system soon. In addition, this operating system will be rolled out in Vivo X21 and Sony Xperia XZ2 too soon.

Are you using any smartphones among this ? Let me know by commenting!!

Top 5 Best Important Features of Android 9 (Pie):

Performance (Gesture): 

First of all, we talk about the look or performance of this operating system. Speaking of its gesture, the Android device's home button is replaced by a small handle. Also, its app sweeter is horizontally scrolled just like the iPhone X. This means that this new feature Android users will definitely be attractive. 

Google's main focus is to make smartphone management more convenient for users through new features.

Adaptive Battery & Brightness Feature:

In this new operating system, Google offers adaptive batteries and adaptive brightness features. Emphasis has been made to improve battery life of smartphones through Adaptive Battery Features. The new operating system will also work to improve the CPU performance with the smartphone's battery life.

The New Google Assistance :

This new operating system will be equipped with Google Assistance. Through which you can communicate with your smartphone as human beings. Google has added 6 new voices for this.

Time Limit Feature in Apps:

 Through this new Google operating system, you will be able to set the time limit for the use of the app. If users spend more time on an app, then the operating system will tell the users that you have spent so much time on this app that will give users the flexibility to make time management.

DND Mode:

By the way, do not disturb(DND) mode is already in Android Oreo 8.0, but this new operating system has been made even better. Through this mode you can star your contact. None other than starred contacts will neither be able to call you nor will you be able to send a message. 

Apart from this, the app's notifications will not be available in this mode. If you are on vacation or in a meeting, only after having enabled this mode, only the calls needed will be available to you.

Conclusion : 
To conclude this article, I want to say one thing  that Android 9 (Pie) will be the successor of 2018 end. It's awesome features . I am waiting for this update in my mobile , wish my smartphone support it ! 

Ok, friends, in this article I shared a little bit news on Android 9 . If you really enjoy this article by reading, then please share your thoughts in comment box below. And yes, if you want to read topics on your topic , then suggest me that topic. I will sure try to write a better article on your topic . Thank You ! 

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Oppo A3s vs Redmi Y2 vs RealMe 1 : Full Comparison

If you want to buy a good smartphone in the budget range in this week or month, then this article can be useful to you. I am going to tell you about the features and pricing of Oppo A3s, Oppo Realme 1 and Xiaomi Redmi Y2 smartphones which are trending in budget category this month. So that you can choose the smartphone of your choice.

Oppo A3s vs Redmi Y2 vs RealMe 1 : Full Comparison 

Oppo A3s vs Redmi Y2 vs RealMe 1 : Full Comparison rc ccreature tricks, rc creature how to, tips ,
Oppo A3s vs Redmi Y2 vs RealMe 1
 - Full Comparison 

Display : 

Oppo A3s has a 6.2-inch HD Plus display, whose screen resolution is 720x1520 pixels. The phone's aspect ratio is 19: 9. The phone whose screen-to-body ratio is 88.8%.

Xiaomi Redmi Y2 has a 5.99-inch HD Plus display, which has 720x1440 pixels resolution. The phone's aspect ratio is 18: 9.

Realme 1 has a 6-inch Full HD Plus IPS LCD display, which has a resolution of 1080x2160 pixels. The phone's aspect ratio is 18: 9.

So, in this case, Oppo A3s is clearly winner !

Processor :

Oppo A3s has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. The phone's storage can be increased to 256 GB via micro SD card. The phone runs on the 1.8GHz Octa Core Snapdragon 450 processor. The phone works on Android Oreo 8.1 operating system.

Xiaomi Redmi Y2 runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor. The phone is available in two variants of 3/4 GB RAM and 32/64 GB storage. The phone's storage can be increased to 256 GB via microSD card. The phone works on Android 8.1 Oreo.

Realme 1, 3/4/6 GB RAM and 32/64/128 GB,  is available in three variants of storage. The phone's storage can be increased to 256 GB via micro SD card. The device works on the Octa-Core MediaTek MT6771 Helio P60 processor. The phone works on the Oreo 8.1 operating system too.

So, in processor case, I think RealMe 1 is winner as it's so powerful chipset that optimize better than other though other two have Qualcomm chipsets. 

Camera :

Oppo A3s has 13 megapixels and a 2 megapixel dual rear camera. While the front is equipped with an 8 megapixel camera.

Xiaomi Redmi Y2 has a 12 megapixel and 5 megapixel dual rear camera. While the front is equipped with a 16 megapixel camera.

Oppo Realme 1 has a 13-megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front camera.

Here, the winner is Xiaomi Redmi Y2! Thanks to  AI . Its bokeh/portrait shots are pretty good what I like most . So, in my opinion, It's the best camera phone in budget category right now ! 

Battery :

Realme 1 has a 3410 mAh battery. 

There is a 4230 mAh battery in Oppo A3s. 

However, Xiaomi Redmi Y2 has 3080 mAh battery for power.

The winner is Oppo A3s ! As it has a massive battery of 4230 mAh . Isn't it right ? Comment below your thoughts!

Price :

The Oppo A3s smartphone costs Rs 10,990.

The Xiaomi Redmi Y2 3 GB RAM + 32GB storage variant is priced at 9,999 rupees. While the price of 4 GB RAM + 64 GB storage model is priced at Rs. 12,999.

The Oppo Realme 1 3 GB RAM + 32GB storage variant is priced at Rs 8,990. While the 4 GB RAM + 64GB storage model costs Rs 10,990. At the same time, the phone with 6 GB RAM + 128GB storage is priced at Rs 13,990.

Finally, in this case,  I can't give you my opinion. Because price selects you to buy which phone you liked or not ! Although, I love all these smartphones and specially, Oppo A3s as its camera performance is quite good with better processor at only Rs 10,990. But in camera segment, I like Relme 1 & Redmi Y2 most !

Conclusion : 
So friends, I shared a comparison article about Oppo A3s, Redmi Y2 and Realme 1 specifications and features. In these phones, all are better than other. So, It's your choice what you like most for buying a smartphone. Thank You for reading till this. 

If you have any questions regarding this , please feel free to contact me and yes, share your thoughts about these smartphones features you like ! 

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Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting [Full Explained] : Better Host Review

Everyone who is planning to launch a website is looking for VPS hosting to get the better and uninterrupted performance result of a particular website on the web world. VPS hosting allows the complete control and access over the web server to its entire user, that too at very pocket-friendly cost. In spite of that, it’s a big challenge for users to differentiate between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. A lot of users ask this question many that, a well-managed hosting is much better or an unmanaged hosting is beneficial for their website.

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting [Full Explained] : Better Host Review rc creature tricks,
Managed Vs Unmanaged VPS Comparison

Let's get a little information about VPS hosting.

VPS hosting that means Virtual Private Server and is also known by the virtualizes server. VPS Hosting is one of a few sorts of web hosting accounts you can look over to have your site on the internet. To have a website or a web page on the web server, you need to upload your website records on a web server Setting up and dealing with a server can be costly, as well as troublesome also. Acquiring web hosting service enables you to lease space on a web server, making it less demanding for the normal individual to have a website online because it is required for each individual who are planning to launch a website or already have a website, to upload their website details and information on the web server. 

Here are a couple of difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting :

A managed VPS server is good for users to utilize as it provides very quick service to upload a web-page on the web server. It is the best solution for the individuals and business owners, even the individuals who are well familiar with technologies. The hosting supplier deals with the majority of the specialized technical projects like setting up the server to be easy to understand and make it more user-friendly, designing it for your purpose and keeping up the server as long as you are utilizing it.

While, an unmanaged VPS hosting requires too much time for successful installation, uploading files and its maintenance. It did not provide any kind of support in troubleshooting the technical issues and error that are occurring while the time of installation and also after the launch of the website. 

If you don’t have knowledge about it, check installing WordPress on unmanaged VPSserver tutorial on WPEra.

On a well-managed VPS hosting package, the hosting service providers offer complete maintenance and support for every single issue or task, crisis or schedule. There's a point of confinement, clearly, in that you may not get support for a coding issue on your blog. In any case, the working framework, control board, server setup and any pre-introduced applications are altogether managed  supported, in every manner. In simple words, we can say that a well-managed VPS hosting comes with complete support and automated backup and data security options. 

While on the other side, an unmanaged web hosting is less expensive due to its unmaintained and low support behavior as compared to the managed VPS web hosting. The host will not successfully pass the reboot servers, keep up the system and keep the network and server, however, it won’t support any product or introduce anything for you. It's viable your PC to keep the maintenance and control. You install security patches. You settle irregular fault full messages and you're in responsible for the installation. Numerous hosting service providers won't give a control panel/admin panel or web server software.
With managed hosting, users will get an extremely high and uninterrupted speed of web server. Due to which they can easily upload a web-page and data on the web server in a very short time. On the other side, by using unmanaged VPS hosting, a user may not able to get high and hassle-free web server speed. This is why, a user have to wait for a long time to upload a particular web-page.

Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting [Full Explained] : Better Host Review


A managed VPS web hosting web server varies from one supplier then onto the next and is frequently alluded to as a semi-managed web hosting services provider who encourages you to redesign the entire operating system. However, it may not sort out the issues like shared hosts do. Likewise, on the opposite side, an unmanaged hosting provides the limited support and also it may transfer from one user to another. That simply means an unmanaged VPS hosting did not allow the user to share the same server.

While using managed VPS hosting, every single user is permitted to use their own open source software and programs, along with full control of the web server admin panel. Similarly, on the other side, unmanaged hosting did not enable its users to use software and programming source from any other outer source.

Yes, its true, that a managed VPS web hosting service is available for free, in fact taking this type of hosting is likely to require a more money to manage a website. When to go for managed hosting it describes its terms regarding payments in clear word and did not take any hidden amount after the purchase. While an unmanaged service commits that it did not need any fees and provide a web hosting service at free of cost and after installation, it notifies users for so many hidden charges. 


Almost each and every business person, although they are just a startup or an owner of a well-established owner wants to save and earn more money. For this, utmost times they like to prefer an unmanaged VPS hosting service, as this requires a low-cost amount if they have sound knowledge and expertise on various technical channels. Besides this, an individual who has a huge business empire and have to maintain so many websites a day, likes to use a well managed VPS web hosting service to save their time. In this way, they like to purchase an updated and suitable web hosting plan along with several advanced and technical features for a particular website. By knowing all the things about managed and unmanaged VPS hosting, taking services of managed hosting is the best choice.

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Best Tips for Downloading YouTube Private Video easily with one click!

YouTube is one of most popular website all over the web. Since its launch YouTube has added several features to their website, which helps the daily users. One such feature is Private YouTube Video. And this helps the user to share the video with selected group of people to view or download. 

Best Tips for Downloading YouTube Private Video easily with one click rc creature tricks , rccreature.tec !

And today we are going to discuss about how to download a private YouTube Video !

YouTube have millions of videos uploaded by thousands of different people from all over the world. While looking through their channels you might sometime find that some of the videos are in accessible and cannot be viewed.
These are private videos and can be only viewed or downloaded if the channel owner has given explicit permission for the same and shared its link with you.

These videos don’t come up on the search list nor are they shown in the suggested videos. They can be downloaded by the method we will discuss below. If you do not have access to a private youtube video but you would still like to view and download, you will need to message the channel owner and ask for the link.

How To Download Private YouTube Videos?

Once you have acquired the private YouTube video link you will need to use a downloading tool called YouTube By Click. This tool allows you to download any video along with private YouTube videos.

Best Tips for Downloading YouTube Private Video easily with one click rc creature tricks , !

In the first “Choose Folder” option it allows you to select the location where you want to keep the downloaded file. 

In the second “Choose Format” option it allows you to select the output format of the file being downloaded. You will get several different file format to choose from.

In the third “Choose Quality” option you can select the quality of the video being downloaded. You select from High, Medium and custom settings.

The fourth option is the option where you will need to paste your private YouTube video link and once done it will ask for the user ID and password of the account it is associated with and when completed, it will start downloading the files.

How To Add A New Account On YouTube By Click?

Once you have completed downloading the private video you might want to download a new video which can be associated with a different account. In that case you will need to go to

Step 1 
Setting options and then Accounts  

Step 2
Click on Edit account in order to change username and password.

Step 3
Click on Delete account if you want to delete the previously entered account.

Step 4
Click on Add account to add a new account and this account will be used every time when you try to download new videos.

Conclusion : 
I hope that answers the question about how to download private YouTube videos. I am going to make a separate post shortly on how to create a private YouTube video and post on 

If you face any problem while downloading or using the program feel free to comment below and we will try to help you out with a solution ! Thank You !!

About The Author :
Anubhab Chakraborty, is a Blogger, Tech Enthusiast & a MBA student from Kolkata. He is also a friendly person always in a mood for networking. For more details, please visit his website !!

Get Known Top 5 Best App Lockers for Android Phones in 2018

Today we will know about the top free security applications for Android, through which you will be able to secure all the information, photos or videos. Many people nowadays carry some very important information on their phone. There are a lot of people who have a very bad habit of checking other peoples mobile in their absence.

 Top 5 Best App Lockers for Android Phones in 2018 rc creature security tips and tricksTo lock apps such as Whats App, Facebook, Gallery, Setting and other private apps in your phone you must have to download an App Lock if you this feature is not given by your mobile phone brand.One can download these apps from 9apps download fast app store that too for free. If you want to keep your personal information safe in your phone such as photos, bank details, Whats App then download app locker in your phone.

Even if your phone does not touch by anyone besides you still you must have to use one app locker. Suppose your phone is lost or stolen, at that time it will keep all your information and pictures safe. Apart from this, sometimes children’s do delete your important files unconsciously so it will also keep children away from your phone

So let’s know about top 5 App Locker applications !

 Here are the Top 5 Best App Lockers for your Android Phone :

#1 Hexlock App Lock & Photo Vault:

The Hexlock-app provides awesome security to your phone. Through it, you can lock your social app, gallery and another private app. Its excellent main feature is parental controls, through which you can keep your phone's settings safe from children so they cannot delete your phone data or files without your permission. With 4.3 rating, this app is available free on 9apps app store. Media Vault can hide photos, videos, files. No one can uninstall this app without your permission because it can be protected with a password.

#2 AppLock:

This is also one of the very best app locker applications. AppLock keeps all your private apps, files, images, videos safe. One can use a password, PIN, fingerprint to lock screen. With its advanced setting, it can also be made uninstall protected. Its best feature is attracting lock theme which makes your lock screen very attractive. This popular app locker is available at 9apps apk store.

#3 Smart Lock Free:

This is also a great option for protecting your photos and apps. Smart Lock keeps the phone smartly secure. This app can also lock the auto rotate screen as well. No one can see any locked apps, files, images, videos locked by this great app

#4 CM Locker Repair Privacy Risks:

The attractive theme with the app lock system makes this app one of the favorite and best. In this app locker, powerful feature such as Intruder Selfie, Anti-Theft Protection has been given. There is also a feature like a phone booter & battery saver along with app lock. All the above app can be downloaded with the help of 9app apk store, this is same popular application store where one of best video player with vidmate apk download get done.

#5 Visidon AppLock Plus:

Visidon-app lock-plus offers different lock feature compare to other app locker app. You can use your face as a password to unlock the app. This means that your face recognition is required to unlock the app. This feature makes it different from others. You will also need to provide the password in it, so that if face recognition does not work, then password can unlock the app.

Conclusion :
In fourth generation, the more you get easy all things at your home, the more you should be secured. So, in this article, I shared the top 5 best app lockers for your android smartphone. Hope, this will definitely help you future. 

If you found this article helpful, then share this article to your bestie so that he/she can get secure . 

Or, If you have any queries or facing any problems related this, then please feel free to contact us. Thank You ! 

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Top 15 Apps for your Android Device to make Your Life Easier

The world seems to be just inside the closed walls of your room when you have your portable computing devices along with yourself!

The web covers everything and you have your solutions at hand, no matter what your questions are, if you have got an access to your Android devices. If you are confused to get to your destination, or are unable to find the right directions, these apps will help you to locate areas and you can follow it to reach to your place. If you can't get up early, miss your schedules because you can't remember them, want to book hotels, go for shopping, a computing device will help you do all at ease, and for that, you do not even need to move out. In order to keep your stress level to a bare minimum, you can consider having these apps in your computing devices.

Here are the top 15 Apps that you must have on your device to make your Life easier:-

·       #1  Weather Bug :

Weather Bug is popular among users for it provides an easy to use interface, thereby offering the most accurate weather reports for the present as well as for the future. It has been powered by the world's largest professional weather stations. The app tracks detailed weather forecasts, real-time traffic conditions and Doppler radar effect for precipitation.

·       #2  Pushbullet :

This app is the best way through which you can send files, links and texts between devices. It is important since you need to share files and data with your friends and other people around you. Certainly, you have a Bluetooth by default on your device, but this app works well when you need a quick transfer.

·       #3  Authy :

No matter how spectacular and secure your password is, you are never completely safe from the miscreants who are engaged in account hacks. Authy makes it easier to use when you have Two-factor authentication or 2FA with you.

·      #4   Solid Explorer File Manager :

Although Android comes with a modern and sleek design and the features are too good, there are several times when you have been searching something important so hard that you need to dig into the file system. The built-in file managers are undoubtedly cool for Android brings them along with itself. However, with Solid Explorer File Manager, you can locate your file at ease. It serves a dual pane interface, thereby supporting archives, local files and more.

·     #5    Snapseed :

All of us are more or less photogenic, we love clicking photos and images whenever we are out or at times, even when we are at home. With the advent of Selfies, we love to take photos even more. Snapseed provides you with a touch-screen friendly and a clean interface to crop your images; add an artsy filter to them, tweak the saturation and brightness of the picture before you post it into the social media.

·      #6   Backdrops :

If you are stuck among those few wallpapers that the device brings along with itself, and you have been bored with them. Why not change the whole style and give a funky look to your device? This app offers the best wallpaper catalog to the users with a wide variety of options.

·      #7   Focus :

This app comes with a fantastic feature and an amazing design. It helps you see your images in their respective folder locations, just like any other gallery apps. However, the tagging system enables you to find your important or favorite pictures.

·      #8   Flipkart :

It is the best shopping app that helps you grab discounts, offers and the latest arrivals of dresses, shoes, household commodities and various other products that you require almost regularly.

·      #9   Hopper :

This app works really well and it has turned out to be one of the most favorite apps among users who prefer taking up flights. It is not always necessary for people who are planning for their vacation but being a working individual, you may often require travelling across places within your country as well as in abroad. In that case, this is a compulsory app for you that will keep you updated about the cheapest price alerts for booking an air service. It will notify you when to buy your travel tickets via push notifications. The user interface of this app is absolutely simple and you can book your tickets in less than a minute without getting into any sort of mess.

·     #10  Book My Trip :

When you are planning your next trip, use this app to find hotels, restaurants and more in order to avail a smooth and stress-free travel session.

·     #11  Adobe Premiere Clip :

It offers an easy to use, an in-depth video editor that comes with diverse editing options. You can choose to match beats, cut your video and customise it just as you want.

·     #12  Hotel Tonight :

This app helps you book your hotels, even at the last minute. It provides a reliable service to the clients, wherein you can grab discounts on empty rooms and book the best living accommodation while travelling. It offers 24 / 7 service, so you can fetch the customer service anytime, irrespective of the time in the count.

·     #13     Uber :

It is particularly handy when you are travelling abroad. It allows you to request for your rides or get a cab in the middle of the way. This app is basically pioneered on-demand services and help users to get fare quotes and amazing rates. Rather than finding a taxi from the taxi stand, this app brings a straight service to you.

·      #14   Google Maps :

It is considered to be one of the best navigation apps that help you locate places at ease. It has got landmarks that could be easily found and the user-friendly interface makes things work smoothly. You can locate destinations, sight-seeing places, closely located restaurants and more with this application.

·      #15   Pack point :

When you are planning to travel, you need to plan things wisely. This app serves you with everything you need. You can select activities to participate in the trip, a poolside swimming or a fancy dinner. This app will help you pack things by reminding you about the things-to-do in the form of a checklist.

conclusion :

To conclude this article, I shared some best and important 15 apps which make your life easier ! Hope you like this article. If you have any queries or questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank You !!