Sunday, 21 October 2018

"Battle Towers" for Android - RC CREATURE Review

There are numerous game titles for cellular devices. One of them it ought to be mentioned plans which are broken up to the so-called "Tower Defense", incremental and RTS-strategies. The two of these are popular for tablet computers and tablets. Shooters and other games which require the active motion of hands throughout the screen aren't so hot, but they generally "traveling" with great images, which are currently progressing on cellular devices with every new device.

Saturday, 20 October 2018

10 Ways Computers Have Changed Our Everyday Lives !

Sitting amongst the audience, I heard this young girl standing behind the podium to speak against the topic ‘Technology is a blessing’. I instantly reached for my mobile (lying between a thousand other things in my bag). Upon connecting my phone to the internet (I owe it to Frontier Internet Prices), I researched examples that supported the topic. To my amazement, the mike that the girl was speaking in was classified as a technological invention as well (talk about irony). It was a parliamentary debate so I walked up to the stage. And pointed out all the ways that technology (computers, in particular) has been a blessing.
10 Ways Computers Have Changed Our Everyday Lives !

No Distance is Long Distance :

With the introduction of e-mail and video conferencing (read: Skype), long distances do not matter anymore. Connecting to a friend or a family member who resides thousands of miles away is no issue in today’s world.  The bosses being able to assign you tasks even when traveling is something nobody likes, though. Jokes apart, computers have made it easier for people to give interviews or work for an employer without being physically present at the premises.

Acquire Degrees from the Comfort of Your Home :

In this era, instructors do not mind if you do not show up to their lecture. You can always access the online lectures or view slides later. Moreover, if you wish to enroll yourself in a course or diploma but are unable to travel to that country, online courses got your back. Believe you me, it is that easy these days. The concept of virtual classrooms is on the rise. You can easily acquire knowledge from well-renowned instructors from your home.

Needle in a Haystack :

Now computers come equipped with apps like Excel which save people the hassle of manual data entry. Gone are the days when people had to maintain registers to enter the data. Now, all information is fed into the computer. It is the job of the computer to search through the clutter of data and display the required figures in front of you. Not only does this save time but reduces the human error as well.

Personal Home Theatre :

Computers allow you to insert DVDs, CDs and USBs (most recent development) in them and watch endless shows and movies. You do not have to wait for your cable service provider or your favorite movie channel to air a specific movie.

School Bag- An Almost Extinct Creature :

Children these days would never experience the pain you went through while carrying heavy bags on your shoulders. Oh, it was a torture, to say the least. I am glad our shoulders did not bruise. Or did they? Today’s kids very conveniently submit home works online through computers and perform all in-class activities on computers. Notebooks and books are clichéd concepts now.

Shop Till You Drop :

Online shopping has become so common in this age that every other business you come across is an e-commerce business. People were reluctant to share their personal information online at first that did pose a threat to these businesses. However, now every company assures its customers about the protection of their data. Because it is of benefit to the individuals as well, they do not hesitate to place orders online. The idea of physical shops is diminishing with time.

Birth of New Jobs :

As I discussed the possibility of working from home, the invention of computers has also given rise to new categories of jobs. Digital marketers, content writers, and web developers are people that the advancing world needs. Without them, the businesses won’t be able to function.

Space Exploration :

Okay, so I find anything and everything related to space very cool (that is extra information).
Anyhow, computers have enabled people to design the many types of equipment used for exploration in today’s age. Talking of space, you should know that the tiniest of miscalculation in design can cause huge problems. Obviously, a human cannot be as accurate when it comes to measurements as a computer can be.

Planning Trips :

From booking tickets to making room reservations, computers have made it possible to do it while relaxing at home. You can connect to the travel agent, the hotel crew and even the guide through computer and internet. So, computers allow you to have your bookings and reservations done way before time.

Work in the Setting of a Cafe :

Personal computers aka laptops have enabled individuals to work while enjoying the sights and sounds of a coffee shop.
I am of the opinion that working from home gets boring at times and a change of setting always refreshes your mind. In fact, a mini café or a nearby coffee shop is my favorite places to work from. Not only do I meet new people, I feel that my brain gets more creative when I work in these places. However, some cafés do not offer the facility of Wi-Fi but my Xfinity Triple play deals got me covered.

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Monday, 8 October 2018

Full Comparision between ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Redmi 6 Pro !

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has launched three variants of Redmi 6 last month in India. It is directly targeting to the budget category. So, I thought , I should write an article on Redmi 6 Pro and ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 . Hence, let's know which of these two smartphones can be better option for you.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

7 Things to Consider While Creating a Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation videos are indeed an interesting kind of animations used in many different industries as a marketing technique. It is mostly used by the marketers to deliver the complex ideas and concepts in an easy and understandable way. Now that you know the worth and usefulness of the whiteboard video animations, you must assure that the quality that you are providing matches the criteria of the purpose it has been created for and also the industry or company it’s been built.

7 Things to Consider While Creating a Whiteboard Animation

For making an effective and perfect whiteboard video animation, it is necessary that you know that basic rules, and some other important points, which will be very useful while creating a whiteboard animation video. Try to remember the following essential points while you are making a whiteboard animation for any client.

1.  Convey Message Through Story :

People only take an interest in the drawings if it represents any story. Since everyone is living in different stories, we as human beings are attracted only to the storytelling pictures. If you combine the story’s scripts with a perfect picturing,it will be an ideal way to tell people the entire story.

2.  Create Suitable Characters :

Characters are the glue that helps the rhythm of the story together. Make sure that the characters you are creating are the perfect visual representation of any of your audience persona.

3.  Follow the Custom :

While making the whiteboard animation video, always keep in mind to keep the entire thing traditional. You must know about the basic things that should be included in the whiteboard animation video. These are only three primary things that differ from the whiteboard animations from any other type of animations. You must be aware of these three most important features that every whiteboard animation must have that includes the white background, the continuous black drawings, and the drawing hand that draws the black sketches on the whiteboard.

4.  Throw In Some Colors :

It is allowed for the video animators to add some colors other than black to the whiteboard video animation drawings.The only thing that you need to make sure is that you only include the hints of a few colors and don’t add too many colors in one drawing. For example, if you are drawing whiteboard video animation sharks, then it will give the drawing a nice look to add a little grey color in the shark picture, or maybe if you are drawing a person, you can give a little color to his hair or shoes. This will look good and gives your drawing an attraction that your audience will definitely find interesting.

5.  Drawing The Drawing Hand Is Mandatory :

Since the drawing hand is one of the most vital features of the whiteboard video animation, as it gives a proper look to the whiteboard animation, it is mandatory that you should include it in your animations. Many animators do not add this feature to their work, which is a bad practice. Avoid missing out the drawing hand while making the whiteboard animations.

6.  Use Emotional References :

Since whiteboard animations are used to deliver the difficulty in the uncomplicated form, it will signify whatever you wish it to imply. Try to use the audience’s feelings and reactions to tell the story of your whiteboard video animations, so that it affects their brain right away.

7.  Interlink All The Drawings :

Drawings of the whiteboard video animations are always linked with each other.While making the drawings for the whiteboard animations, keep in mind that you must draw the pictures with a flow and technique that they are interconnected with each other in order to provide continuously  to the images as well as to the story.

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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Top 5 Best Ways to Fix Black Screen Issue in Android Smartphones (2018)

Whether you have a new phone or an old one, there is no guarantee that the phone will never be bad. Many times the touch of the phone's screen does not work, so sometimes the problem of blackout is found in the screen.