Top 5 Online Playing Games (2019)

Looking for the best online games to play? 

Well, all you need is to spend your time but too many of them rather push you into board on instead of pulling you out of it. 

Write from military games to fantasy and that of Science Fiction games and block builders, this online gaming industry truly has got a lot to offer you! 

In order to make your job easier, I have put this extensive list of online games all together, so as to make sure that you get the ones that reside in the category of "the very good" to "the best". 

Top 5 Online Playing Games (2019)

Gaming is certainly a fun and you would love it even more when you find something that suits your choices as well as drives away your boredom. 

Though there are several easily available solo games yet the multiplayer games still rise up to be the most popular choices. I understand that you may have different choices and preferences while opting for a particular gaming genre. 

Keeping that in mind, I have prepared this list carefully, wherein each one of you would definitely find something suitable for you!

#1 : League of Legends

Top 5 Online Playing Games (2019)

This game gives you all that you would be otherwise wanting in an MOBA. Right from trying the best LoL champions to that of going solo as well as attempting to prove your superiority over others, this game gives you all! 

League's community is developing each day and it is continuously coming up with new updates, professional scenes, massive industries and huge tournaments. The entire ecosystem is improving with a constant team management and player support. 

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#2 : Overwatch

Top 5 Online Playing Games (2019)

Overwatch would always remain to be a phenomenon and shall be one of the best multiplayer games available in the market. 

It is a class-based multiplayer shooter that owes a lot to the TF2’s art style, payload maps, essential team play and asymmetrical combat. 

This game comprises of huge possibilities and popular styles that have made it one of the most favorite for the gamer . Blizzard is continuously trying to upgrade it with colorful roster. 

If you are serious about mastering the Overwatch characters make sure that you spend months on this Blaster and you will surely be able to rise up as a strong contender!

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#3 : Arma 3 

Top 5 Online Playing Games (2019)
If you have been a die-hard fan of military games, Arma 3 is the one for you! It presents you a real battlefield where you will be getting ultra realism and large scale battles. 

Thus, you need to play with tactics and make your moves wisely. No wonder this is one of the best multiplayer games available, where you can get hold of complex chats and ingenious squad moves. 

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#4 : Dota 2

Top 5 Online Playing Games (2019)
This game has been influenced from the Warcraft 3 mod, the Dota Universe has made its game on its own grounds and has got its own features. This is one of the most preferred free to play multiplayer online games. 

This battle game has grown up to be one of the most anticipated games over the years. The title is enough to attract a lot of players and with its amazing interface, it is conducting tournaments and huge multi-million prize funds raised for serious gamer. 

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#5 : Darwin Project

Top 5 Online Playing Games (2019)
It is basically a 10-player battle royal game. It sets up matches and uses more intimate scope to zoom in for survival aspects It is the job of a director to make the match as interesting as possible to watch. 

Even the streaming audience as well as the other players who have already died, and they also have the power to drive out both the helpful rewards and punishments. Skill and discretion what is your greatest assets while you're playing the game.

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Conclusion : 

Gaming shall always be fun if you have neck to neck competition with your opponents. Of course, multiplayer games do providing this opportunity. 

Each one of the games that I have listed above is recently very popular among the masses, and thus, could be entitled as "Must-try"!

Hope this piece was helpful to you! Let us know which one of these games did you pick in the comment section below. Thank You !

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